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Card not formatted error in digital camera: Resolve the issue to access images

Digital camera is one of the favorite gadgets of youths. Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Olympus, Casio, Fujifilm, GE, Leica, Sigma and Kodak are popular camera manufacturing companies. These popular camera brands have released several innovative camera ranges with distinct and advance qualities. But one problem that is still remaining on all digital camera models is loss of digital images and contents. You should know that all these digital camera models uses memory cards for storage of captured images and you may easily transfer these contents to your computing system. But sometimes users receive card not formatted error on their system or camera while handling memory cards.

Card not formatted is a very critical error that further leads to data loss situation. It is important to fix this error instantly upon detection to avoid any major damage. But first of all it is necessary to know about the situations and reasons that lead to appearance of this error tag.

This error message generally appears in two different situations such as:

  When memory card is not formatted to be used in specific camera model

  When digital camera memory card is corrupt or damaged due to some error during read/write process

Above mentioned reasons may cause card not formatted error on your system. You should know that corruption is a major issue that usually happens with memory cards. When you attach a corrupted memory card with your system then you cannot access the data stored on it. If data preview is still available at memory cards then there is a big chance of recovery in any difficult situation. If you are getting card not formatted error while accessing images stored on memory card then you should not get panic. It is not a big deal to fix card not formatted error and photo recovery after resolving the error. You should not capture any more images on corrupted or formatted memory card because it may overwrite previous stored data and changes of recovery will decreases in such situation.

Follow some simple strategies upon getting memory card error:

  If camera is unable to read memory card then connect memory card on your PC and see if the images are accessible or not

  If this strategy fails then reformatting of memory card is required to access the images

  After formatting use professional Photo recovery software to handle lost images

After formatting card not formatted error will disappear automatically. You may use efficient third party photo recovery tool to recover lost images in easy process. Commercial way of photo recovery is easy to perform and handle with simple user interface.

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