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Cr 2 image recovery: Get back lost images of canon camera

CR2 is popular image file format that is used by canon camera to store raw images. You can access canon digital camera images on your system or other digital devices after transferring data from camera to the device. But sometimes user's find it difficult to view Cr2 images on camera screen or other storage devices. Corruption in Cr2 files is major cause of this trouble. When Cr2 files become corrupted then you cannot access these files on any devices and you need to perform cr2 image recovery task in that situation for easy accessing of images.

About canon camera and cr2 image format:

Canon is a popular digital camera brand that has released several innovative and featured ranges of digital cameras and camcorders. These digital products are used at global level both by professionals and general users. Alike any other digital camera, canon camera also use memory card to store captured images. SD card, mini sd, XD, MMC, MMC plus etc are some leading memory card brands supported on canon cameras. These memory cards captured images in cr2 or CRW image file format that is raw image format while using on canon cameras. You can read these image files using the software cds that comes with canon cameras. When these raw formats get processed then it changed to tiff or jpeg image formats that you can store on any storage device. But sometimes Cr2 or crw image files get corrupted and you become unable to view the images. Cr2 image recovery is an efficient task in such situation to get back corrupted images in viewable format.

Cr2 image files can get corrupted in several situations. Some common situations are:

  Pulling out memory card from digital camera while process is going on

  Any interruption during read/write process

  Formatting of memory card in camera instead of system

  Clicking images in low battery situation

  Any physical of hardware damage to camera or memory card

  Corruption in image file header

Any of these situation can lead to corruption in memory card or further results into corrupted cr2 or crw images. You cannot open corrupted cr2 images on any digital device. If your images are very precious to you and you want to get them back then use a professional photo recovery Mac software to recover images on your mac system. Professional image recovery software is easy and effective solution to get back lost or corrupted images. Perform Cr 2 image recovery task using the tool and view again your lost cr2 images.

One important thing is that sometimes users face image loss situation also due to accidental deletion of images. The recommended tool is also effective in that situation as it is capable to recover lost cr2 images after any image loss situation.

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