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Troubleshooting Memory card cannot be read error

Digital cameras brings a new world of photographic experience. It is easy to capture and maintain several images on memory card of digital cameras. These cameras offers easy image clicking and high resolution for image quality. But one thing that often disappoint camera users is frequent corruption and loss of images. There are several reasons and situation that led to corruption in used memory card and corrupted memory card further results into loss of images. In case of memory card corruption, you may get some unexpected memory card errors while accessing the content of digital camera. One such error is:

"Memory card cannot be read (please format memory card or insert another memory card)"

If you are unable to access the contents of memory card due to above mentioned error tag then it is sure that the used memory card has been corrupted. This is clear indication of image loss but if you have updated backup then image recovery is not a difficult task as you can restore lost images from available backup. However, image recovery is also possible when no backup is available with the help of professional photo recovery software.

Memory card cannot be read is a common error on digital cameras and this error message can appear on the screen due to different reasons. Memory card corruption, file system error, virus invasion, improper handling of camera and in most common cases due to improper insertion of memory card. If can solve the problems accordingly. If this error code is appearing on the screen due to improper insertion of memory card then reinsert the memory card and verify that it is firmly placed. Then switch on the camera and see the contents stored inside. It is quite possible that you can view the images in proper way. However, if the error message continues on the screen then it can be possible that the memory card that you are using is corrupted. You need to format the card in order to correct the corruption.

Formatting of memory card will surely solve Memory card cannot be read error but it will also removes all stored images from the memory card. Backup is a good option to restore images but in case you don't have any backup use professional photo recovery tool to recover lost images. The recommended tool is especially designed to recover lost images from memory card and it will surely help you to recover the images.

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