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Recover 3gp video from corrupted or formatted memory card

3GP is a multimedia container format that is basically used in 3G mobile phones. However, these files can also be played on 2G or 4G mobile phones. This multimedia container format is defined by third generation partnership project. If you are using a 3G, 2G or 4G mobile then in most situations, it is possible that the recoded videos on the phone supports 3gp video format. If you have a corrupted 3gp file on your mobile phone then you can recover 3gp video using advance recovery steps.

Generally mobile phones use external storage media like memory card to store captured digital data like images, audio or video files. Generally 3G phones use SD memory card as external storage media and SD cards stores the multimedia files with .3gp file extension. Here, it is important to know that as memory cards as very prone to corruption and damage, there is a great chance for loss of 3gp files in adverse situations. But you can recover 3gp video files using advance and technical process of recovery.

3GP multimedia file loss situation can occurs in different situations. Accidental deletion of multimedia files, improper formatting of memory card, pulling out memory card from the mobile while the device is in on mode, physical damage to device and interruption during read/write process are some general situations that lead to loss of 3GP files from 2G, 3G or 4G mobile phones. When memory card becomes corrupted then you cannot view the contents of the memory card. You may receive some unusual error messages on your mobile phone screen or system screen with which memory card is connected. After realizing data loss situation, you should instantly follow technical steps in order to recover 3gp video.

When data loss situation appears then avoid any task with the memory card. Processes like capturing more recordings, editing of video files, deletion or formatting can minimize the chances of recovery. It is recommended to use professional photo recovery software for effective recovery of lost 3gp files. If any error message is appearing on the screen while accessing memory card contents then format the memory card to prepare it for reuse. After formatting, you can use the same memory card in your 3G mobile phone. But formatting will also results into removal of all contents from the memory card. Third party photo recovery software is ultimate solution to recover 3gp video after all data loss situations. You can get back deleted or corrupted 3gp file using this advance and technical tool.

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